CCTV/Video Surveillance

Commercial Alarm System

Our commercial alarm systems consist of only the most effective, top of the line equipment and Securatech highly trained alarm specialists will install, maintain and monitor your system to ensure everything you’ve worked for is properly protected at all times

Securatech professionally designed and installed video surveillance system are proven to reduce theft, employee violence and other volatile workday incidents while dramatically increasing your control over your business.

Benefits of a Video Surveillance System:

  • Effective monitoring of key business areas.
  • Enhances the workplace safety for your employees.
  • Increased employee compliance, decreased shrink.
  • Digital video recorders provide the capture and retrieval of archived video data locally or over your network.
  • Surveillance system integrates with intrusion and hold-up buttons to record as needed.
  • Visual verification from CCTV surveillance system can interface with access control systems.
  • Video surveillance system provides visual theft deterrence.
  • High resolution CCTV surveillance system cameras can verify employee transactions.

Latest Technology. Unparalleled Service.

Securatech is proud to install the highest quality CCTV products and support them with the most experienced statewide service corps in the industry. You may get it cheaper elsewhere. You won’t get it better.

Expect Security from Securatech

  • SecureVision- Video Alarm Verification
    Our monitoring center can view the event before, during and after an alarm is triggered. Other features include: Event Notification and Remote Video Access.
  • Top of the line Surveillance System Cameras
    The industry’s leading technologies include low-light cameras to enhance night vision, interactive dome cameras with 360-degree rotation and high resolution cameras to capture details.
  • Digital Video Recorders
    Securatech recorders make it easy to record, store, search and review the large volume of media generated by video surveillance.
  • Service
    With an average experience of 10 years, Securatech statewide service team will ensure you have the peace of mind of knowing your valuable CCTV investment is working for you.