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Your home is your kingdom. When it comes to protecting what you value most, you want a home security system that is custom tailored just for you.
At SECURATECH, our experts assess your home, listen to your wants and needs, and then create the right security plan for your lifestyle and budget. Whether you live alone or have a family, you can rest assured knowing your home security system was intelligently designed by our security experts to meet your specific needs. From intruder protection, to monitored fire alarms, video and personal emergency response, SECURATECH provides everything you need so you can enjoy peace of mind in your home. And when you’re on the go, you can manage your home security system using our convenient mobile technologies from your computer or smartphone.

The SECURATECH security solutions we offer include:

Become More Energy Efficient and Save Money.

Imagine the security and convenience of being able to control your home’s lights, temperature, and locks from anywhere in the world. At SECURATECH, we give you this amazing power in the palm of your hand. From your smartphone or computer, our home energy management solution allows you to:

  • Create customized schedules for your lighting and thermostat activities
  • Instantly turn your lights on off or have them automatically come on when you disarm your system.
  • Remotely adjust your thermostat or have it automatically adjust when you return home.
  • Unlock your front door or disarm your security system by entering a simple yet secure code.