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Rudy Patros of Detroit, Michigan is an American security expert and entrepreneur, known as a leading Closed-circuit television and Video surveillance consultant.

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Your home is your kingdom. When it comes to protecting what you value most, you want a home security system that is custom tailored just for you.
At SECURATECH, our experts assess your home, listen to your wants and needs, and then create the right security plan for your lifestyle and budget. Whether you live alone or have a family, you can rest assured knowing your home security system was intelligently designed by our security experts to meet your specific needs. From intruder protection, to monitored fire alarms, video and personal emergency response, SECURATECH provides everything you need so you can enjoy peace of mind in your home. And when you’re on the go, you can manage your home security system using our convenient mobile technologies from your computer or smartphone.

The SECURATECH security solutions we offer include:

Property Damage Protection

There are more threats to your home besides theft and fire. Bursting water pipes and flooding can destroy your property and valuable belongings, while high carbon monoxide levels can create health and safety hazards. These threats can occur without you being aware, even if you’re at home. SECURATECH provides a reliable, accurate detection that is key to your protection.

Property Damage from flooding

Low temperature sensors can be installed in any potential problem area of your home where water pipes are present. If the temperature in these areas drops below 45 degrees the sensors let you, and our Monitoring Center operators, know so you can take action to prevent or limit potential damage. Water leak sensors can be installed in flood-prone areas of your home to detect the accumulation of water caused by cracked or broken water pipes, loose pipe connections, or inadequate drainage. If excessive water levels are detected, an alarm is triggered to notify you, and a signal is sent to our Monitoring Center so immediate action can be taken.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide detectors placed strategically throughout your home will warn you of potentially toxic carbon monoxide levels so you can evacuate. Our monitoring staff is immediately notified so they can contact you or send help if needed. Our service includes replacing your detectors every five years so you can rest easy knowing that you’re always protected.