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Rudy Patros

Rudy PatrosRudy Patros launched Securatech to help protect the community. While our business is clearly centered on the security products and services we provide, what sets SECURATECH apart from any other provider is our attention to each client’s individual needs. Because we offer virtually all things security, we can focus on delivering the optimal security solution, not just a particular product or a particular service. Whether residential or commercial, big or small, we believe everyone deserves to have their unique needs understood and addressed with professionalism and care. We work hard at the onset of every relationship to make sure your goals are our goals so that we end up with a true security solution. Securatech offers a multitude of cutting-edge security services and products from the leaders in business and home security. Our comprehensive assessment enables us to tailor our security services to fit each client’s needs at competitive prices with a personalized service level that is unmatched in the industry.


Rudy Patros of Detroit, Michigan is an American security expert and entrepreneur, known as a leading Closed-circuit television and Video surveillance consultant. In the Detroit metropolitan area, where crime is rampant, Securatech, a Rudy Patros owned business has installed and maintained security cameras for the majority of large businesses. Patros has written the textbook on Video surveillance for restaurants and large business headquarters. Ford Motor Company is one of Securatech’s largest clients in Michigan. Rudy Patros has been active in Chaldean affairs throughout Detroit and specifically, he has worked to ensure the safety of Christian Iraquis at risk of deportation through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.).