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Securatech is the ONLY Security Company that will offer an all-in-one solution, that includes Electronic Security with a State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Monitoring Station, and the human element of Security Guards.

Cannabis industry businesses require a wide range of security services. Armed and unarmed security guards, state and municipal compliant security systems, information security, secure transportation, and security plan development are some of the services that marijuana businesses need.


Patrol Services

Our patrol services are a great alternative to overnight on-site security. Randomized patrol visits ensure your facility's safety and security.


Security Officers

All security officers go through a rigorous 50-hour training course.


Security Planning

Security Planning is best left to security professionals to meet state requirements. All of our security plans are designed and by veteran security professionals.

Paging & Intercom Systems

Paging and Intercom systems are important for virtually every organization, including cannabis. As long as there are employees or consumers on your premises, both systems are incredibly important for your daily operation. If you need to get in touch with somebody quickly, there is no quicker or more dependable way than by using the paging and intercom systems SECURATECH installs. They will improve your work environment.

Low Voltage Wiring

Structured Cabling is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware that provides a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure for your cannabis business. This infrastructure has a wide range of uses, such as providing telephone services or transmitting data through a computer network. This type of framework is essential for managing complex wiring issues.

Access Control

ECURATECH designs facilities access control solutions that fit the needs of your cannabis business and staff. When we begin to design your customized system, we discuss your objectives with you then select from a variety of technologies and services to create an access system that is perfect for your business. The system is expertly installed and tested to make sure that it works reliably and effectively.

CCTV Installs

No matter where you are – across the country or around the world, video surveillance solutions from SECURATECH will keep you connected to your cannabis business. Nothing brings peace of mind quite like seeing and knowing that your establishment is protected. Our experts will tailor a video security strategy to meet all your specific goals, objectives and workflow.

Camera Monitoring

Many businesses, including cannabis enterprises have used security guards at one time or another. Live guards may be effective deterrents, but they do have significant drawbacks. Most of all, they cost more money, which can be well minimized when using remote video surveillance systems as provided by SECURATECH. We recommend a mix of indoor and outdoor cameras for the variety of situations that arise for cannabis facilities.

Burglar & Fire Alarm Monitoring

Burglary and fire are two of the worst things that can happen to a cannabis business. They are occurrences that still happen far too frequently. Both can lead to decimation or even total loss of your valuable cannabis crops. At SECURATECH, we think of every possible issue that faces our cannabis clients. We install the right systems to prepare for the worst situations, so you do not have to. We make sure that you are protected.

A.I Monitoring

AI security cameras are specialized network IP cameras that perform progressive analytical functions such as vehicle detection, person detection, face detection, traffic counting, people counting, and license plate recognition (LPR). These artificial intelligence functions are achieved using state-of-the-art video analytics software that is built into the camera and recorder they are connected to. SECURATECH can install this precise and advanced system for your cannabis busines

Video Monitoring

SECURATECH will make sure that each cannabis facility is protected 24/7 with a security video monitoring service. Analytical software alerts the live specialists any time something irregular occurs. The specialists then use their judgment to either alert authorities or determine it as harmless. By employing video monitoring, cannabis firms can cut the cost of security personnel and know that trained professionals monitor their facilities at all hours of the day.

Your BusinessNeeds To Know How To Use its Security Equipment

Be certain that your cannabis business not only has an effective security system in place, but that your employees know how to use it properly. SECURATECH will train your personnel how to use its security equipment and create a customized company packet of information just for them. SECURATECH can consult with your business to make sure the appropriate staff are managing the equipment. We can help you decide who is going to watch cameras, who is going to administer the software and who will be the security contact person. Hiring the proper security people who know how to use the equipment is also important.


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